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Pontica Red Vermouth nominated for “Spirit of the Year”


Each and every year a real buzz of excitement rolls through the bar industry – the announcement of Mixology Bar Awards, integral part of Bartender’s Christmas, BCB and a whole week of spirited action has become a fixture in bar expert’s calendars.

We feel most thankful, humble and a little proud to be nominated on the long list for this year’s “Spirit of the Year category.

Please find all the nominees and categories at and follow all the news around Bar Convent, the awards ceremony and the festive season in October.

Mixology Awards Long List

Madeira, past – present – future! An interview with Clemens Summerer

Madeira is a beautiful mystery, somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Island of Flowers, part of Portugal and the European Union, historical archipelago, roughly 950 km southwest of Lisbon and 737 km west off the Moroccan coastline. Well, and there’s also the wine obviously. Like other fortified wines “Madeira” is a lost treasure, most people might know that “it kind of exists” but for 99,9% of guests and consumers that’s where it ends.

To give you a hands on entrance into the world of “the other Portuguese fortified” I sat down for a chat with my good friend, fellow WSET Diploma student and wine enthusiast Clemens Summerer, who (not so) incidentally just came back from a trip to Madeira. If you’re really into your geeky theoretical stuff, beware, there’s more to come. But let’s have an easy access look at the little island and its treasures.k

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Bunnahabhain 24y – Five Lions

Neben den „All Regions, All Tastes“ sowie „The Ambassadors of Scotland“ bietet Five Lions in dem spannenden Line Up noch die blaue Etikettenserie feil, unter der sich rauchig, salzig, torfige Whiskys subsumieren.


Bunnahabhain, eine für Verlässlichkeit und äußerst interessante Qualitäten geschätzte Destillerie, gehört nicht immer zu den extremen Islay Bomben. Hier gilt es oft filigrane, delikate Nuancen zu entdecken und nicht primär von der Peat-Keule erschlagen zu werden.

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Bradley Cooper and the chef whites

First he amused millions of people being incredibly (and entertainingly) “Hangover”, then he went after the bad boys in “American Sniper” and now he’s putting on the chef whites and switching rifles for paring knifes.
Bradley Cooper, joined by Sienna Miller, Uma Thurman and Emma Thompson will be starring in that new chef film, first simply titled “Chef”, then changed to “Adam Jones” and now most likely to be called “Burnt”. Release date will be somewhen in October, provided that the producers will be more stable in their timing than name giving.

Still foodies and fans of chef whites on the screen will be excited about this new project from the dream factory.

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“Burnt” – foodie movie starring Bradley Cooper