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Like a believing preacher I keep on sermonising about the pleasures of drinking and mixing with Sherry, Port and all sorts of fortified and aromatised wines. And no, honestly I’m not getting bored whatsoever – so here we go again, and as the following link shows: I’m not alone.

Even is yet again reassuring its readers that there’s more to Andalusia’s liquid treasures than sick sweetness and granny-styled misconceptions.

Have a good read and an even better sip!

Sherry cocktails are your new secret weapon

Lazy and selfish … At least drinkwise!

Jeffrey Morgenthaler is one of the most respected figures in our beloved industry and has more than once put a big fingerprint on the drinking scene and habits around the world.

“I just tailor my style to the sort of place that I’m working in. Whatever the bar or restaurant needs me to be, I am. They’ve all been so different from one another. But as far as drinks that are on my list, I’m lazy and selfish, so I just sell the sorts of drinks that I enjoy drinking myself.”

Get more information about the way he thinks drinks and why 80′s fancy stuff has to have a revival at the following article and interview with the man himself.

Reviving bad drinks from the 80s

Best wishes and spirits!