From July 2015

“Sex and the City”, Cocktails and Dale…


Cocktails have become a symbol of indulgence, celebration and elegant drinking. talks to King Cocktail Dale DeGroff and some of the most respected and influental women of our beloved craft, digging deep into the Cosmopolitan’s pink history and why female have always been leading the way… “Women have always been the creators, the ones who experiment … Cocktails are like a creative, visually beautiful, delicious accessory that we have our choice of, whenever the mood suits us.” – Audrey Saunders

Why the Craft Cocktail Movement owes a Huge Debt to “Sex and the City”

Happy 4th of July

To all the lovely American friends, I send the very best wishes and spirits – Happy 4th of July!

Let’s have a glass of bourbon or whatever National Celebration Drink you might fancy.

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