The Only Journey Is The One Within.

Reinhard Pohorec is a young enthusiastic professional in the sensory field and world of exceptional food and drinks.

At the age of 27 he has gained wide recognition as one of the most innovative and passionate international experts on everything related to smell, taste, aroma and flavour, always with a particular focus on multisensory experiences and the interdisciplinary interpretation of the finer things in life.

Starting his “spirits journey” via the WSET “Diploma in Wines and Spirits”, Pohorec has won numerous awards including World Class Bartender AustriaWorld’s youngest and Austria’s first ever Cognac Educator by the BNIC, World’s youngest Sherry Educator by the Consejo Regulador in Jerez, Certified Advisor of Spirits, Mixology Newcomer of the Year, Sake Sommelier and Most Innovative Bartender by renowned Falstaff Magazine.

Having created the independent company “Reinhard Pohorec e.U. – spirits journey”, he is a polymath working closely with the world’s most admired and influential producers, distilleries, international spirits companies as well as luxury hotels, restaurateurs, gourmet publications, top chefs, perfumers and designers.

“In the 21st century, everybody is in hospitality business.”

Reinhard Pohorec

Living in a world of smell and taste, I am a visionary perfectionist, passionately and truly committed to highest quality in everything I do.

It is my love for inspirational work with magnificent people and produce that constantly motivates me to strive for success, improvement and indulgence. Each and every person, situation or necessity is different, therefore requires customized, tailored solutions and 100% individualized concepts.

By blending all the essential ingredients of a company, business model, clientele and philosophy, together with you I will create experiences that are most authentic and entirely unique.

“I have the simplest of tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”

Oscar Wilde

The essence of spirits journey is the most professional approach to sensory research, creative development and immersive implementation.

Workshops, inspirational seminars, consultancy and writing – be it in Food and Beverage or any other industry – because “nowadays everybody is in the hospitality business.”

Get in contact to unleash powerful sensitivity and consummate hospitality upon your life and organization.

Engineering, handcrafting and creatively developing new products, implementing and launching them to markets and new audiences

Creating outstanding food and drink concepts, implementing fragrance and fashion collaborations, signature serves, menu design, bar set up and logistics

Distilling extensive experience and tremendous knowledge into captivating, entertaining and intelligible information for business professionals and epicures, hospitality staff trainings, incentives

Tastings, aroma and flavour pairings, from private one-on-one experiences via organising professional tastings and judging panels through to trade fairs, public lectures and master classes

Achieving excellent guest and client value through “Sensory Hospitality”

Showcasing how to exceedingly inspire, create and lead by implementing sensual sensitivity, especially relevant for professionals, business and opinion leaders, managers and decision makers outside classic hospitality operations.

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Cheese Break… And some Sherry

20. Mai 2017   No Comments

Photos and original publication via From time to time it’s just about right to leave behind the beaten tracks,

„Wir freuen uns, in Reinhard Pohorec den perfekten Consultant für unsere neue The Bank Bar gefunden zu haben. Seine höchst professionelle Vorgehensweise bei der Konzeptionierung und exzellenten Branchenkenntnisse sind ideale Voraussetzungen, um für unsere Gäste ein unvergleichliches Bar-Erlebnis zu kreieren.“

Alexander Hoffmann, Director of F&B, Park Hyatt Vienna

Das Barkonzept der neuen The Bank Brasserie & Bar trägt eine eindeutige Handschrift: Reinhard Pohorec bringt den Duft vergangener Tage in Form multisensorischer Cocktails zurück in die ehrwürdige Kassenhalle am Hof.

Sonja Planeta

„Unterm Strich geht es heute um eine geile Experience“

Reinhard Pohorec, World Class Bartender & Consultant

„Entspannt und charmant. Der neue Treffpunkt für Kosmopolitinnen und Kosmopoliten in Wien punktet mit europäischen Brasserie Klassikern und außergewöhnlichen Cocktailkreationen. (…) Für das Barkonzept der neuen ‚The Bank Brasserie & Bar‘ zeichnet der mehrfach international ausgezeichnete Experte Reinhard Pohorec verantwortlich.“

Falstaff Magazin

Für Reinhard stellt jeder Gast eine neue freudvolle Herausforderung dar und diese betrachtet er erst dann als gemeistert, wenn seine Gäste etwas glücklicher wieder gehen als sie gekommen sind. Was diesen Anspruch an einen selbst als Gastgeber und an die besten Produkte und Lebensmittel betrifft, sind wir beide uns sehr ähnlich.

Um unsere Gäste in der Landstraße noch ein Stück glücklicher zu machen, haben wir Reinhard gebeten, ein maßgeschneidertes Cocktail-Konzept für Lingenhel zu kreieren, das zu unseren reduzierten, straighten Gerichten passt und ein paar alte Klassiker neu aufleben lässt.

Johannes Lingenhel